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Student Pick Up and Drop Off Procedures

  1. Crossing GuardEnter the pick-up/drop-off area from Phoenix.

  2. To pick up or drop off your child, stay in the right hand lane.

  3. Pull ALL THE WAY FORWARD to the West gate.

  4. Pick up or drop off ONLY in the FIRST and SECOND parking space.  

  5. Adults should remain in the car and ready to pull out promptly.

  6. Once your child is in or out of the car, pull out and continue through to Arizona.  Please drive SLOWLY.

  7. Right turn only onto Arizona.

  8. Watch for children and adults.

  9. To park, please pull into a parking space.

  10. USE THE CROSSWALK on the WEST end of the pickup/drop-off line to cross.  
    PLEASE DO NOT cross between cars.  Doing so demonstrates to children that this is ok.  For adults who are tall enough for drivers to see when they are between cars, it is fine in normal circumstances.  Most children are too small for drivers to see when they cross between cars.  Be aware that children learn from ALL adults around them so PLEASE USE THE CROSSWALK so that children will have the correct example set for them.

  11. When backing up from the parking spaces, be extra cautious.

  12. Please treat the staff on duty with respect.  Setting the example of civil and respectful behavior is the responsibility of every adult on campus.

We know that our pick-up/drop-off area is far from ideal.  We recognize that it can be difficult for parents to be patient when they are in a hurry.  Please adhere to the procedures above anyway to ensure the safety of everyone.  Your cooperation is critical.  If you have questions or concerns about the procedures, please make an appointment with the principal.