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Project Based & Technology Learning

Zuni’s magnet focus enriches the rigor of the Common Core State Standards to provide every child with a 21st Century learning experience.  Three core strategies form the magnet focus:

  • Digital Learning infusion throughout the curriculum.
  • Project Based Learning
  • International Society of Technology in Education Standards

Zuni’s teachers are highly trained in digital strategies, PBL, and ISTE standards, and infuse these elements through instruction in math, English language arts, science, and social studies

In addition, Zuni offers the following opportunities for families:

  • An emphasis on CIVILITY in all interactions to develop effective social and emotional skills.
  • Award winning after school care on site provided by CHILDREN’S CHOICE.
  • A wide variety of AFTER SCHOOL program options, from RunFit to Chess.
  • An active PTA that supports events, volunteers, and fundraising.
  • An innovative approach to Gifted education services, called cluster grouping, for students who qualify through evaluation.
  • An opportunity to honor our community VETERANS at our annual Veteran’s Day Assembly.

Technology to Teach Literacy and Math

Zuni’s academic programs emphasize the use of technology to engage, challenge, and support student learning in all areas.

Zuni’s general education students receive the same quality programs, Stepping Stones, Fundations, Treasures, as all APS students, but with the enhancement of the highest quality of classroom technology integration.

Our literacy block is 90 minutes each day.

Our math block is 90 minutes each day.  

Zuni students are also given opportunities to extend or re-visit literacy and math skills though the use of a web based program called, Success Maker.

Special education students at Zuni receive individualized academic programs according to the needs identified in the evaluation process and the IEP.

Science and Social Studies

Science and social studies are also a vital part of Zuni's curriculum and are enhanced with with our partnership with Discovery Education.  Every student has their own login. This wonderful resource can be accessed from home.  Teachers assign students projects within Discovery Education to be completed in the classroom or at home. 

Project Based Learning

Zuni Elementary has incorporated the use of project based learning to teach real world skills, team work, leadership, and academics by using actual problems for the students to solve, rather than be given the answer.  

Zuni's Philosophy of Technology Education

The use of technology is very important to our society.  All students are provided equitable opportunities to use technology as one of many tools in their learning process.  It is our belief that students learn best when they are engaged in meaningful activities where they are able to work with others in order to construct a product that shows their knowledge. Technology is always used with close supervision by adults.

Zuni's Commitment to Technology Education

  • Classrooms have a mixture of iPads, laptops & desktops. We are on our way to a 1-1 model school-wide!!!
  • Interactive whiteboards (Promethean Boards) allow teachers to present materials to students in a dynamic, interactive and engaging format.  Students respond to this type of instruction and hands-on learning in ways not common with traditional pencil and paper.
  • All classrooms have an Apple TV, which makes it possible for students to show their work to the class with iPads onto the Promethean Board.
  • Zuni has two computer labs - The teaching lab (TLC) with a full-time technology teacher, as well as an open lab for teachers to take their classes.  Both labs are home to 29 Apple iMacs running the newest OS, El Capitan!
  • We now have a green screen set-up in its own room, complete with lights and all!  Many teachers have been trained on its use and have just started producing some great videos!
  • 100% of the school is fully networked both wired and wireless. Students and staff are able to save projects to the file server so that they can have access to their work from any computer in the school.
  • Newly-formed student tech team (SWAT) that will be trained to support teachers and students in technology.  Students will be responsible for taking care of the computer labs, the STEAM Room, and the upcoming live-streaming of morning announcements.;
  • Teachers are involved in ongoing professional development with technology such as teacher-led workshops, grade level collaboration, and classes on iPads in education.  We are doing our best to stay current with all the new technology that is continually evolving.
  • Zuni has a full time educational technology specialist on staff which is vital to acquiring new technology, keeping it running smoothly, and guiding technology infused instruction.

Technology Curriculum

Teachers develop lessons that integrate technology with the theme or learning concepts they are studying.  All Kindergarten through fifth grade classes work in the computer lab one day a week for 45 minutes.    Students can continue work in their classrooms on their classroom computers.